May 16, 2019

Tweets of the Week | 17.05.2019

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Here is a selection of our favourite tweets from the past 7 days. This week’s tweets feature @wirralwaters, @dib_adamheard, @reece_dinsdale, @nickirvinghs, @mrtimheatley, @downtownfrank, @rexchapman, @lordaaronhayes, @hpc_alex, @jondaviesaccs, @mfinnigani2i, @procurenw and @jazzhands09.

Mainstream has no answer to Farrage & friends

Frank McKenna predicts a win for the Brexit Party in the forthcoming Euro Elections – and future success unless the traditional parties can find a way of challenging Nigel Farage and his allies in a different way.

Has devolution for the Liverpool City Region been a success?

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At a recent Downtown in Business Liverpool event, we were joined by Professor Michael Parkinson from the Heseltine Institute and Alison McGovern, MP for Wirral South, to discuss the successes and failures of Devolution for the Liverpool City Region.