June 20, 2019

Tweets of the Week | 21.06.2019

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Here is a selection of our favourite tweets from the past 7 days. This week’s tweets feature @todaystartsnow, @sacha_lord, @doharafz, @scowpers and @agent_marketing.

Will Boris be that Bad?

Frank McKenna asks if Boris Johnson will be as bad a Prime Minister as many of us fear in his latest Downtown blog.

Stand by for No Deal under Johnson

This week Jim looks at a major move by northern Labour MPs to back Brexit. He also wonders if Chuka Umunna could be a disruptive force in the Liberal Democrats.

The Northern Powerhouse

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There’s me, Tony Wilson, Steve Roberts from Granada, Ruth Turner, who goes on to work for Tony Blair, Frank McKenna and a couple more, all sat in a bar in Manchester. It sounds like the start to a bad joke, which in some respects, it probably is.

The Phoenix Lunch Club: June 2019

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On Thursday 27th June 2019 South City College will be hosting this month’s Phoenix Lunch Club at The Jam House, St. Paul’s Square.