March 5, 2020

peopleHub Manchester

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High Performance Consultancy are launching an exclusive series of events, with the idea to create a local community of like-minded individuals with one common theme ‘your people’.

Why are we waiting? Tyred demands must be met now!

Last year the Tyred campaign thought they had secured victory in its fight to have old tyres banned from our roads. However, despite a consultation on the issue, no action has been taken and no legislation introduced. Frank Mckenna asks, Why?

Top criminal lawyer helps out Corrie

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Stories linked to the world of crime played out on TV soap Coronation Street have a distinct feeling of reality – because they have been guided by an expert criminal lawyer based in Lancashire.

Budget might get the virus

Will “events” prevent the Chancellor from launching an ambitious Budget next week at the start of the Johnson era? Jim also reports on how the towns are fighting back.