July 2, 2020

Downtown Den #094 | Tony Attard in the Downtown Den

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Downtown Chief Executive, Frank McKenna was joined in the #DowntownDen by the Chief Executive of Panaz Group, Tony Attard to discuss his story, his experiences during the COVID-19 crisis and Lancashire’s bid for the 2025 City of Culture.

Hampton’s inspired Club House to reopen

One of Liverpool’s most popular venues, the Hampton’s inspired Club House on Chavasse Park having implemented a whole range of new safety measures along with some creative use of the indoor and outdoor furniture

Red Door ready to return

The Red Door on Berry Street, along with Eden, has proved to be a very popular venue over the years and is now ready to welcome guests as life resumes post lockdown.

Who Are Yer? // Kath Benson

The latest ‘Who Are Yer?’ feature Kath Benson from Access2Funding. Who is her celebrity crush? What advice would she give to 18-year-old Kath? Read on and find out…

Creatures of habit

The reports of the death of cities are greatly exaggerated says Frank McKenna. Only a return to city life will see a quick bounce back for the UK economy, according to the Downtown boss.

If PM is FDR, who needs Labour?

Boris Johnson seems to be backing a big state, spending big to save the economy. Jim thinks that doesn’t leave much space for the Labour Party despite Keir Starmer’s determination to banish Corbynism.

Dash Restaurant & Bar is back

After three long months of waiting Dash Restaurant & Bar are extremely excited to reopen their restaurant’s doors once again.