April 1, 2021


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Downtown Director, Chris McKenna caught up with Andy McIntyre and Tony Faulkner from VSI to discuss their #OurMindsMatter campaign.

Awkward time to be Pro EU

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For once Jim is in critical mood about the European Union, but stresses the need to maintain good relations with the bloc despite their poor handling of the Covid crisis

Let’s get this party started

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As the country prepares to start the long-awaited journey out of lockdown, DIB boss Frank Mckenna tells us why writing off cities is daft; permanently working from home is dumb; and getting the economy singing again is Downtown.

A week in America | 2 April 2021

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Welcome to our new regular TFI blog, from Martin Liptrot, who lives in the sunshine state of Florida. Each week, Martin will be offering his views from across the pond on the big issues being talked about in the USA- and his reflections on the stories making the headlines in the old country too.

Sanitising set to become the new normal

The Festive Group are working around the clock installing their range of hand sanitising units to allow local businesses to reopen safely according to government timelines and guidelines.