June 3, 2021

Working from home: the big question

Is working from home a shirker’s charter or the way of the future? As lockdown is set to end Jim plunges into the controversy. He also reports on the important contest to lead Britain’s most powerful union

Mr Speaker to attend DIB Parliamentary Reception

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The Speaker of the House, Lindsay Hoyle, will be the guest of honour at the Downtown in Business Parliamentary Reception, which takes place on the evening of Monday 18th October at the Palace of Westminster.

Are we nearly there yet?

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Frank McKenna calls on the government to consider the wider and damaging implications beyond COVID if they decide to delay the ending of restrictions this month.

A week in America | 3 June 2021

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This week in America, Martin Liptrot discusses activist investors, Engine No. 1, and its achievevemnt of getting its candidates on the baord of EXXONMobil’.