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Eventurous started in 1989 as a small team of fresh-faced event operatives with big hair and even bigger ambitions. Since then they’ve seen the birth of the internet, a fallen Berlin wall, some tricky recessions, a few royal weddings and thousands of smiling and satisfied clients. Through every event (whether global or corporate) their business continues to grow. The secret to their success is a talented team. Eventurous believe that inspired, valued people, perform better and they aim to deliver that objective not only in their company, but with every event they run.

As specialists in event management services and team building activities for over 30 years, Eventurous’ unrivalled expertise guarantees exceptional results. From the planning stages to event delivery and beyond, their commitment is to take your vision, your aims and even your most imaginative suggestions – and bring them to life with a seamlessly executed event that will earn a place in the company record books. Eventurous’ dedicated team take care of every aspect, from finding the perfect venue to stunning visual displays and spectacular performances that delight guests and inspire teams.

For more information visit https://www.eventurous.co.uk