For BMOR, it has always been non-negotiable that everyone involved in any stage of their developments will act safely and feel safe. To help ensure that their developments are at the forefront of good practice, they have appointed Project Four and OFR as strategic partners.

BMOR Construction Director, Andy Cox, cites “real value in focussing on our duties as Client under the CDM Regulations 2015 during all stages of our schemes from feasibility through to end user handover and beyond” as a motivating factor behind these relationships with Project Four and OFR.

This keystone commitment informs their approach from genesis of idea, through development delivery into operation and determines every party they engage with along the way. It’s imperative that anyone involved is as committed to health, safety and wellbeing as BMOR.

These strategic partnerships represent a formalisation of BMOR’s existing approach. As Andy explains, “We have always understood and respected the value of safety. We consistently require all design and professional team members to demonstrate early engagement with Design Risk Registers. All parties involved in BMOR developments are thoroughly aware of their duties whilst responding to tenders, prior to integration into the project team, and ongoing during delivery.”

As two of the highest profile issues in development at the moment, CDM and fire have been especially prominent on our radar. For BMOR, these are prioritised in every scheme as the safety of everyone involved in construction and the end user are of paramount importance to us. Andy expresses BMOR’s enthusiasm to be partnering with industry leading specialists Project Four and OFR. He describes these relationships as collaborations towards the shared goal of safer sites and more responsible development. “Project Four ensure that BMOR and our project teams remain focussed, appraised of evolving regulations and efficient in our engagement with the CDM regulations. Alongside their technical involvement in our live developments, OFR are providing ongoing CPD support to the BMOR team so that everyone from analysts, through planning, and into construction are actively engaged in looking for best practice and innovation in all areas of fire safety.”

Alongside a portfolio of developments successfully completed with Project Four input, BMOR are delighted to now have OFR working closely on a number of live projects currently at feasibility, pre-planning and planning stages.

Project Four Managing Director, Alan Robson, celebrates the fact that their strategic partnership is representative of BMOR’s genuine ethos of prioritising safety. “We have been working across BMOR’s portfolio for a year and continue to be enthused by the commitment their project teams show towards not only discharging the duties under CDM but looking to exceed these wherever possible. BMOR have instilled this ethos across all projects with our support and we have seen tangible and relatable benefits across safety, architectural merit, commercial and end user experience.”

OFR Principle Fire Engineer, Callum Dyer, acknowledges the value of this collaboration between all parties, “We are delighted to be working as strategic consultant partner to BMOR across a number of developments, and are fully immersed in both initial feasibility reviews and development of planning design proposals. We are already seeing both the commitment within the project teams to deliver best in class buildings when it comes to fire safety, and the benefits of this approach. Having been brought into the wider team by BMOR we are working closely with Project Four to fully integrate the development of fire safety strategies with the design and risk registers.”

Combining BMOR’s commitment to ensure that developments are of the highest safety standards with Project Four’s expertise as CDM advisors and OFR as industry leading specialists in fire consultancy, will allow them to protect everyone involved in the construction or use of developments.