Ep.117 – Downtown Den: Wes Streeting in the Downtown Den

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In this exclusive interview with Downtown boss Frank McKenna, Wes Streeting MP, talks about his new brief and his vision for the future of education – whilst explaining the opposition’s approach to the Covid-19 crisis.

Ep.116 – Downtown Den: Alison McGovern in the Downtown Den

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Wirral South MP and shadow minister for sport Alison McGovern joined DIB to talk about the latest negotiations between Treasury officials and Merseyside MPs, why the city region is in a much stronger place than it was back in the 1980s – and the business of football.

EP.110 – Downtown Den: Tim Heatley in the Downtown Den

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In conversation with DIB boss Frank McKenna, Capital & Centric boss, Tim Heatley discusses the BBC series, Manctopia, his business journey, the future of the property and construction sector and how he feels the Covid-19 crisis will impact on towns and cities.