The coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all. Life — and work — are very different. Our primary thoughts are with anyone affected, their families and the countless people that no doubt will continue to be impacted. We are in awe of the selfless people who work in our NHS, world-wide health professionals, emergency services and social care across the world. Not to mention those in vital industries such as infrastructure, transport, and the food supply and distribution chain, which are all sectors we’re very familiar with and which are keeping the country and the economy going through this tumultuous time and will continue to power it as we start the process of easing lockdown.

As a business we at Howgate have acted quickly, and prudently. Our priority has been people — both those who work for us and those we work with. We’ve dramatically streamlined our outgoings in order to protect our own people, who are the lifeblood of our company. Our business is nimble; we are adaptable. It is of the upmost importance to us that our staff have been treated respectfully and fairly. Every member of the team is working together and acting in a manner that we, as a board, are humbled by and we would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them for their efforts. As we move into this next stage of lockdown, we are confident that our amazing team will continue to surpass our expectations.

Why are we telling you this? Well, because we plan to continue to support each and every one of our clients and business partners as they work to climb out of this crisis. By taking immediate steps to save our team and our business, we’ve made sure we will be around in future to support those we work with as they face the challenge of rebuilding what has been lost. And we know that businesses across the globe will only do that with excellent decision making and even better people on board to deliver their plans.  We want to let you know we are here, as your partner, to find the right people to support your recovery or continuing success. Many of our clients have already begun the process of seeking new talent for their boards and we’re sure that many more will follow. Business has changed and executive committees will need to reflect this.

We have a 35-year history in finding and connecting people to businesses. We have some of the best connections in aviation and transport, EMI, consumer and life sciences and healthcare of any search firm across the globe – we are not limited by the geography of a capital city, we are researching, assessing, interviewing and placing decision makers in countries around the world. For many years now we have been using remote technologies to identify and interview candidates for our briefs; social distancing is not a new concept at Howgate Sable! We’ll be continuing to operate under the best practice advice given by the Government.

Some of the sectors we work in are taking a battering currently, but right now is the time for future-proofing and understanding how to do that in a very different world market. People are going to be the ones who drive that strategy. And we know that we are the firm to deliver those very individuals who will adapt to the new business climate and lead the change programmes required.

We are positive about our future; we’re even more confident that we can help your business recover or continue to grow. It’s all about people. With the right people on board, you can do remarkable things.

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