Civil and Structural Engineering firm, Sutcliffe, are multi-disciplinary, BIM-accredited chartered consultants, who have offices in Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and London.

Sean Keyes, managing director, Sutcliffe, which celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2020, said:

“In response to his announcement last night, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, is 100% correct when he says “this is an economic emergency”. He states the Government will do whatever it takes to protect businesses to get through this, to make sure the effects do not become permanent – I will hold him to his word on this.

“£330 billion of guarantees, which is 15% of the UK GDP, suggests the Government understands that the disruption is major and reflects approximately eight weeks of UK downtime. This may increase suggesting they believe it may be more. I admire the boldness and the significance of this move by the Tories.

“£10k cash to smaller firms is welcomed but by itself will not be enough.

“SMEs to get loans increased up to £5m pounds, which is solid support for businesses. I hope the guarantee to individuals is not prohibitive, otherwise it will become merely a gesture. A six month interest free period may also not be long enough.

“Tax cuts and grants of a total £20 billion is truly welcomed.”

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