The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every business across the country, and while for many this impact has been negative, there are some industries that have been booming. As a result, there is an increase for expertise in digital marketing and ecommerce, according to digital talent acquisition agency Beringer Tame, which launched the free platform ‘Patricks-List’ at the beginning of the pandemic and has subsequently helped experts find interim roles at a time when they would have otherwise been out of work.

Patricks-List is a curated list of digital marketing and ecommerce professionals, who are available to work immediately. It brings together these skilled individuals – who have been vetted by experienced recruiters in the sector – with relevant roles, with no recruitment fee involved, in order to help businesses source the right talent at a time when purse strings are tightened.

Patrick Tame, CEO of Beringer Tame explains: “The thinking behind the platform was simple – I have been working in digital recruitment for 15 years and as the pandemic struck, I suddenly saw a vast number of freelancers with unrivalled digital skills out of work. Alongside this, I saw businesses such as those operating in the FMCG ecommerce space desperately trying to meet new demands. I therefore decided to launch Patricks-List for free to try to help my candidate network, as well as my clients to alter operations cheaply.”

Patrick continues, “I strongly believe that it’s important we’re able to look back on this time in the future and be proud of what we did, so I therefore waived my recruitment fee in the hope that I could get an out of work freelancer a temporary job.”

Within two weeks of its launch, Patricks-List had over 200 candidates on its database and within the first month, 20 people were placed into roles. Since then, the list has grown to over 400 candidates looking for work, with many organisations taking advantage of the opportunity to gain access to skilled, experienced talent, quickly and affordably.

As an example, one of Beringer Tame’s existing clients, an online wine retailer saw its revenues double overnight as the country went into lockdown. As a result, the company needed additional short-term resource to aid its website to scale and meet demand. The company used Patrick’s-List to source the required talent and was able to quickly pivot in order to meet increased demand.

Similarly, another client – a perfume company – had taken the decision, as many did, to change its entire business model and switched its manufacturing to produce hand sanitiser. Patrick comments, “I saw many organisations changing their entire businesses to meet the new world demands and wanted to be able to do my part in the pandemic in helping these businesses to easily and efficiently execute that transformation, as well as the candidates to find work. We’ve been able to do this for a whole host of organisations now and I couldn’t be happier.

“The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in people and I’ve been amazed to see just how quickly businesses and individuals have adapted. I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to help facilitate this and will continue to do so, assisting the digital community and placing experienced professionals into relevant roles.”

Patricks-List currently has a carefully curated list of over 400 skilled freelance professionals seeking digital marketing and ecommerce roles. If you have a project, staff cover or short-term opportunity – however small – take a look at the list to be connected with the right talent, quickly and for free.

If you have a digital skillset and are currently looking for opportunities, join Patricks-List as a candidate to be connected with relevant roles.