DIB is providing businesses with free business support and advice in the Merseyside area via European Regional Development Funding, which provides eligible SME businesses with £2,400 worth of free support. DIB can provide you with a minimum of 12 hours of support for any desired outcomes and use it to ensure the growth of your company.

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Grow your business with Downtown - For Free

The secured funding will help to support SME’s in the Merseyside area with key support, linked to your desired outcomes, in growing your business through DIB’s unique offering. The aim of the NM2 project is to help your business to grow and employ more staff.

This free support can be used for any of the following areas:

Connecting your business

Attend bespoke business events where you will meet entrepreneurs, business owners and decision makers to help you grow your business.

Brand Awareness

Digital brand awareness, sentiment and exposure is invaluable marketing for any organisation. Downtown in Business, as a digital influencer, will promote your organisation and business agenda through our website, email marketing and social media platforms. Offering can include an additional ‘Downtown Discusses’ video.

Sell more stuff

It doesn’t matter what business sector you are in, or how great you think your product is – if you don’t sell, you’re in trouble. We will provide you with expert help, support, tips and advice on how to improve your company’s sales performance.


By signing up to this initiative you will receive up-to-date briefings on public affairs; changes in legislation and the latest news on what is happening in local, regional and national business agendas.

Who we’ve supported through ERDF

Take a look at just a handful of business we’ve supported through the New Markets 2: Building Business Capacity project

Kim Rutherford

Founding Director of Dalton Wise Coaching and Therapy

Nick and Jordan

Directors of City Wine Bar and Kitchen

Vicki Harper

Director of Client Services of BWM Chartered Accountants

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