Ghosh Medical Group has been a pioneer for caring for patients through building real relationships and treating all their health needs.  The group has grown from strength to strength and now includes several General GP Appointments, Aesthetics, The IV Clinic and the new Pharmacy, Travel clinic and IV Training School that opened 1 May 2019.

Ghosh Medical Group focuses on completing and extended healthcare already available within the NHS. There is a growing public demand for more responsive access to local health care services, which the company aims to meet.

The main aims of Ghosh Medical Group are to provide services on a self –pay basis that include:

  • Primary health care services
  • Links in to specialist health services
  • Diagnostic services
  • Family planning
  • Slimming clinics
  • Intravenous Nutrient therapy

Dr Ghosh is a senior health clinician with experience of working in both the NHS and the Private Sector. He prides himself on providing a first-class service to all his patients.

A popular private service that Dr Ghosh provides is ‘Executive’ Well Man/Woman Health Checks. These are aimed at giving peace of mind to individuals and give a full ‘MOT’ as a healthy body and mind is key when driving yourself forward in fast paced, often stressful work environment. They can include General Health Check, Diet advice, Bloods, ECG, Spirometry (lung function) and X-Rays if needed.

Susan Ghosh is a highly trained, well regarded name in the Aesthetics market, and a director of The Ghosh Medical Group.  Susan prides herself on providing the highest standards on non- surgical treatments to enhance natural beauty and diminish the signs of ageing.

Susan dedicates herself to building long term relationships with her clients to support them through their journey.  Due to this first-class approach to care, Susan’s Aesthetics company, within the Ghosh Medical group, My Look Aesthetics has grown from strength to strength.

Dr Ghosh, having embedded himself in to the private sector, then focused his efforts on creating his IV Clinic.  He is one the UK’s highest trained Intravenous Nutrient Therapy doctors. He attended IV training in London, at the Royal Society of medicine in 2017 and received a qualification in the Fundamentals of IV Nutrient Therapies which included the use of Vitamins and Minerals and Amino Acids, as well as completing the Advanced Topics and Clinical Applications of IV Nutrient Therapies in Atlanta, USA in 2018.

The formula’s are unique to the IV Clinic and the medical team are highly trained to create and administer the IV therapies.

The IV clinic offer a number of IV Drips including;

The Red Carpet, an ideal drip prior to any event, which helps to hydrate the skin.

Gluta-Glow, full of powerful antioxidants to help reduce pigmentation and leave skin looking bright.

Mega C, the signature IV with a combination of essential vitamins and minerals.

Classic Myers, good for mood, energy and general immunity.

Dr Ghosh is incredibly proud to announce that The IV Training School opened its doors this month and the first training day was held in Chester at CISC, at Chester Business Park, on Saturday 4 May and was a complete success.  He extends his thanks to the team at CISC for their support in setting up the day and throughout.

The concept behind the IV Training School is for Dr Ghosh to impart his knowledge and expertise on to the next generation of keen INVT enthusiasts.  The training day itself covered all aspects of INVT and safe administering to patients.  There were many helpful practical demonstrations throughout the day.  The candidates were all trained in how to correctly draw and mix the ingredients for the Iv drips, how to set up the equipment and how to successfully cannulate and administer the IV drips.

The next training day is to be announced and will no doubt continue to evolve and expand successfully.

The drive for supporting his patients with all their health needs does not seem like it is wavering any time soon.  Dr Ghosh has just been successful in having his plans for a Travel Clinic and Pharmacy approved.  From Summer 2019 patients will be able to have the full experience when visiting one of the clinics based in Liverpool, Chester, Manchester or the Wirral, by having their prescription arranged for them after their appointment instead of spending their valuable time finding a separate pharmacy to source their medications.

Dr Ghosh is passionate about this new venture and excited to see how he can grow The Ghosh Medical Group moving forward.