Rising homelessness across the UK – with drastic numbers of people finding themselves without a home, personal support or a reliable source of income – necessitates strategic, collaborative and radical action, and Noisy Cricket’s HI Future project intends to do just that.

Bringing together a collective of progressive businesses, experienced charities and committed public sector departments, the HI Future community are working directly with people with personal insight into homelessness to co-produce a solution which will help create secure and stable futures for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Throughout February and March 2019, they’ve been undertaking user research – interviewing co-workers, HR managers, employment coaches and people who have experienced homelessness. So, on Tuesday 26th March, they’ll be sharing the insights gleaned so far, as well as contextualising the root causes of the rise in homelessness, and the opportunities and challenges for businesses in recruiting people who have experienced.

Join and learn how your organisation can play its part in employing people who have experienced homelessness and get involved in the HI Future project.