Inspired to be a ‘147’ player in your own life

By 29th January 2019 No Comments

Downtown in Business Lancashire recently hosted a really special ‘Rise & Grind’ at Cotton Court Preston. Our guest of honour was i2i Leadership and Development Partners CEO, Michael Finnigan. The breakfast forum included attendees from across Lancashire both members of Downtown in Business and Guests.

Finnigan spoke with extraordinary passion and uncanny insight about being introduced to Jimmy “the Whirlwind” White and how that led to a meeting with International Golfer Darren Clarke. Finnigan played an instrumental role in turning round Clarke’s careers, who went on to become a serial winner. Known to be one of the UK’s most engaging speakers, Michael Finnigan did not disappoint telling the story of his work in the 1990’s and about how a similair theory of working with well-known sportspeople to achieve career success can be applied just as effectively into the hectic world of the SME.

Remaining focused on the business and personal goals you have set yourself was the essential message Finnigan delivered for the day. He insisted that in order to have those goals you need a 20 year plan – about which you think of every day.

After speaking for over 30 minutes Finnigan hosted a Q&A with the audience; questions on how day to day issues can disrupt the plan, “Yes” said Michael “ but that just increases the needs to remain focused”. There was another question on advice for start-ups “Set the 20-year goals early”.

In typical Michael Finnigan fashion, every guest left the event inspired and in awe of Finnigan’s contagious optimism.

Downtown’s Justin Culver commented, “Downtown members always feel they have had added value from hearing Michael speak.  For myself, even though I have heard from him in the past, today’s talk was on another level. It’s made me think about where Downtown needs to be and how I can help achieve that goal. To feel that after only 30 minutes shows just what an inspiration Micheal’s thoughts on leadership and development can be.”