Lantei appoint Leona Smith and Andrew Livesey as Joint Managing Directors of Lantei.

The sales and operations directors have done an amazing job in transforming the company over the last 12 months.

When speaking about the latest appointments CEO Anthony Smith mentions that “The last twelve months have seen some challenging situations at Lantei, with the collapse of Carilion and the negative impact that has had on compliance industry, it certainly has been an experience, and in trying times, people rise to the challenges and bonds are made.”

Leona and Andy have worked tirelessly to strengthen our position and restore confidence in both our staff and our clients during this period. This has made their appointments as joint managing directors a very easy one indeed and an appointment that has been received by all at lantei with great enthusiasm and positivity. They are universally liked and respected by all. They are our future and I am excited to see what sort of a future it will be.”