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Following the launch of Buy it in Lancashire, Bring Back a Billion on Lancashire Day 2018, Lancashire Business View is bringing the business community together for this special campaign event.

Campaign champion: Pendle Council

Free to attend – Register now.


If you’ve read Lancashire Business View magazine or attended one of our events you’ll have heard this over and over – it’s our mantra.

Well, we’re not just saying it anymore – it’s time for action!

Lancashire Business View is calling on every private, public and third sector organisation in the county to join our campaign to bring one billion pounds of business back into the county.

We want to see more local relationships developed to enhance local supply chains – and keep more money circulating here in Lancashire. We want businesses to pledge their support by increasing their local spending and encouraging others to take the same approach!

For this first event of the campaign we invite all those that have pledged their support to the campaign, and those who’d like to find out more to join us to meet with like-minded individuals who want to buy and sell more in the county!

This event will include guest speakers and a panel to discuss the future of the campaign and how we support those to buy more in the county. We’ll hear from those already busy making changes in their business to allow more local buying and learn from their success. We’ll also discuss the challenges and opportunities this brings and how we share the message far and wide.

The event will feature

Cllr Matthew Brown, council leader of Preston City Council. Cllr Brown will speak at the event on the work carried out through the Preston model to spend more locally.


  • Melissa Conlon, commercial director at AMRC
  • Bipin Patel, business consultant at Guide Security
  • Chris Durham, commercial director at Ronset
  • Mark Edwards, operations director at Seriun
  • Julian Silverwood, director at Silverwoods Waste Management

Free to attend – Register now.

For more on Lancashire Business View’s Buy it in Lancashire, Bring Back a Billion campaign please visit the dedicated website here. To pledge your support or find out more, please join us at this event.