Among all the doom and gloom of 2020, there were finally two pieces of good news this week.

First, the despot Donald Trump was defeated in the American Presidential election. Although he has yet to concede to President-Elect Joe Biden, the former reality TV star will be out of the Whitehouse in January, replaced by a man who, although past his best, will bring back a degree of calm, credibility and normality to the helm of the world’s most influential superpower.

Some have suggested that Biden’s win is bad for Britain because a No-Deal Brexit will make it challenging to do a trade deal with the States. This suggests that Trump would have delivered a good deal for the UK – doubtful – and ignores the fact that on many other international issues, climate change, the future of NATO and the pandemic, President Biden is far more aligned to Boris Johnson than Trump ever was. It also ignores the fact that a No-Deal Brexit will be bad for Britain, full stop, whoever is in the Whitehouse. But more on that once the negotiations are concluded.

The second and even more joyous news was the announcement that a vaccine to combat the horrible Coronavirus has likely been created. All things being equal, people will be able to get their injections as early as December. This does not mean a return to ‘normality’ anytime soon, but it does provide us with that much-needed sense of hope.

If the vaccine is anywhere near successful, then it is easy to imagine that by Spring next year, a return to life as we knew it will be on the cards.

Roll-on 2021.