Liverpool software agency launches military-grade SaaS app after lockdown highlights market gap

Liverpool-based software development agency, Yozu, has successfully ventured into product development with the launch of its new password management app, Recrypt.


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Built with military-grade encryption by Yozu developers during lockdown, the app is designed to empower tech teams to quickly find, use and share important credentials securely.

Managing Director and Yozu Founder, Luke Morgan, explained the struggles faced by the team as the pandemic hit last Spring;

When COVID reared its head and lockdown hit us, like all teams and businesses, we were presented with a completely unique set of challenges. With everyone rightfully so uncertain about what the future had in store, many of our client development projects were paused while they navigated through their own set of challenges. As a result, we were left with roughly half of our team unbilled with no client work to be done. And so we were faced with a really tough set of choices – do we make people redundant, or once it was announced, do we furlough the affected teams? Recognising the extraordinary talent in our team, as well as seeing the issues faced by tech teams across the globe, we instead decided to make a significant investment in our own future. Recrypt is the result of that investment”.   

With its focus on UX and security, the team believes that Recrypt offers something unique for those that need to manage passwords, credentials and other sensitive information across a large, disparate team.

It was essential for Recrypt to be built with developers in mind. The Yozu team had first-hand experience of working with hundreds of credentials daily and fully understood the challenge of working efficiently whilst remaining secure.

It was imperative that Recrypt’s functionality offered a clean yet powerful solution. Jake James, Project Manager for Recrypt, commented, “Working every day with the development team, we’ve seen everything from spreadsheets to post-it notes when it comes to password management – and it never ends well!

“Finding and sharing sensitive information such as login details quickly becomes a time drainer, and we all worry a lot more about security since working from home. The team knew that these were the issues that needed to form the basis of the functionality behind Recrypt – then we added ‘dev-friendly’ extras as we progressed, such as Dark Mode and a ‘keyboard-first’ UX”.

Now in its eighth year, Yozu has built an impressive roster of clients including The Accountancy Partnership and Yodel, but Recrypt is Yozu’s first in-house product. Luke commented;

For the past eight years, we’ve been helping businesses solve challenges and build innovative new tech products, and it’s been a fantastic experience to now develop our own. I’m excited to see our own product portfolio grow over the coming years and help businesses and teams like our own to solve problems on a much bigger scale.”

Recrypt is available for download from

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