Hi Everyone my name is Holly Moore and I have founded two events agencies – one in 2012 and one during a global pandemic!

I am running two businesses in one of the worst hit industries and have been invited to share my business insights with you on a weekly basis!

So I thought I would kick off with a short introduction.  I set up Make Events in 2012 and we create the ultimate experience for global household names across the country. I set up HM Events in August 2021 and we create luxury bespoke parties and weddings just the way you like it!

We operate out of House of Make in Wilmslow which is an experiential office space and tells a story about our brand from its humble beginnings.  The original dining room table, where the business was started from, sits pride of place in the middle of the office; we have our own fake Starbucks and Kylie Minogue’s dressing room.

Pre Covid we delivered Live Events and provided Venue Sourcing globally.  Since the 23rd March 2020 we have not made any revenue from either of those service offerings.  We have had to PIVOT and now have an additional 4 new revenue streams – virtual events, a prop shop, in a box and graphic design and content creation.

We started Covid with predicted losses, based on no income and keeping 3 staff including me.  I am proud to say that by bringing in new revenue streams, I have been able to bring back 10 staff and reduce costs.  We are still making a loss on a monthly basis but it is slightly less that we predicted and we are carrying a much larger team.

First Lockdown I self-isolated on my own and I really struggled, not only personally, but professionally I found it hard to find inspiration to pull myself out of the mud and get my head space where it needed to be.  With the help of the most inspiring and proactive team we are getting there.

This time round I know what my weaknesses are and I have moved a friend and her dog in and we have a plan.  It is so important to ensure your “self-care” is considered as well.  During some coaching in Lockdown I wrote down the phrase “Happy Holly is an asset to the business”. That statement and our brand value of Anything is Possible is what is pulling me though.

Over the coming months I hope to give you an insight in to being a sole business owner and director pulling a business through an unimaginable landscape.  Determined to survive and end up with a better business and hopefully inspire people along the way that anything is possible.

So if you enjoy stories of a stubborn, determined business owner on an emotional roller coaster this is the blog for you!

I look forward to sharing our journey with you