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Howgate Sable extends into cyber security and risk

Executive search firm appoints cyber specialist team to advise clients across all practice areas.

Executive search firm Howgate Sable has expanded into global cyber security and risk with the appointment of a renowned expert to advise its clients on their cyber approach and offer training where needed.

Cyber expert Andy Watkin-Child has joined the firm as an advisor and will work with Howgate Sable to offer education, insight on current and future cyber requirements and cyber risk management advisory services to Howgate Sable clients. 

Rebecca Hopkinson, Howgate Sable’s client director and head of cyber security and risk management, said: “Cyber security and risk management should be at the top of the agenda for businesses across all sectors. Maintaining a secure digital presence is a vital part of running a modern business, and one which is becoming increasingly important as the impact of cybercrime becomes ever more crippling.

“Howgate Sable works with global leading businesses across a number of sectors, all of whom are in need of effective, wide-reaching cyber protection. Our partnership with Andy Watkin-Child will allow us to offer our clients a full circle solution: advice on their requirements and the current and future landscape, and access to a pool of top talent to steer their business forwards,” she added.

Howgate Sable’s clients – which include numerous household name brands and large corporations – will be invited to discuss their cyber security and risk needs with Andy Watkin-Child. A 20-year veteran of cyber security, risk management and technology, Andy has held international leadership positions in first and second lines of defence for a number of large companies and is a Board member of the Security Institute. He is founding partner of Parava Security Solutions – an independent cyber security risk management advisory firm – and The Augusta Group, a US based advisory company.

Andy said: “Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and more severe, and no business should be without a clear and robust cyber security plan. The world is changing rapidly, with geopolitical factors, nation state and national security threats from cyber-attacks increasing the risks of cybersecurity. In response U.S and EU regulators are actively regulating cybersecurity risk management and compliance, that will have an impact on U.S, EU and UK organisations.

“All businesses should have a CISO-type role (chief information security officer) with ultimate vision and control over cyber defence. The risks associated with not having adequate defences could be catastrophic, and Boards must act now to ensure they are managing cybersecurity risk and protecting the longevity of their company,” he added.

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