TV Doctor Dr Arun Ghosh invited a very special panel of guests to one of his North West clinics recently.

All had experienced a mix of conventional and complimentary therapies in helping them stand up and fight cancer.

Each participant shared their own story and journey and the resulting video, just released this month, is an inspiring watch.

Dr Ghosh in the specially commissioned video talks about how dealing with the diagnosis is about partly about reflecting on and committing to lifestyle changes.

He said: “If you’re going to look at the causes of cancer, you need to look at what you’ve done to your body because with genetics you can’t change that. Lifestyle changes needs to be the focus.”

Dr Ghosh added: “We need both to look after our bodies and, be really aware of what’s going on with our bodies. If we can pick up our symptoms early…we are going to find more cancers and treat more cancers.”