Tough on Russia and EU, but is it enough?

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Jim thinks the Prime Minister is showing European leadership on Ukraine but pettiness on Brexit. He also includes a comprehensive reflection on the local election results in the North West.

Through the looking glass

According to polls, 40% plus of us don’t think Boris Johnson should resign over Party-gate. Frank McKenna offers his forthright thoughts on that in his Easter blog.

Is it ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ now for Boris?

Of all the crisis and controversies the prime minister has been embroiled in recently, could it be an immature slur against the Leader of the Opposition that finally brings his time in Downing Street to a close? Frank McKenna asks ‘Is it ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ now for Johnson?

Will ‘Big Dog’ Survive?

Its been a hectic start to the new year in the world of Westminster politics. Frank McKenna casts his eye on the scandals, the policies and the possible outcomes as ‘Big Dog’ fights for his political survival.

It’s shit or bust for Boris

Boris Johnson endured a torrid end to 2021. As polls show that the country is running out of patience with him as fast as his parliamentary colleagues, Frank McKenna suggests that the PMs only chance of survival is to keep the country open and not introduce any further restrictions in 2022.

Two Years On

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This week Jim looks back on the two years since Boris Johnson triumphed in the 2019 general election.

Cutting up PM’s credit card

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After Business Bashing Boris,the Chancellor is likely to be more supportive of bosses in next week’s Budget according to Jim as he previews what we can expect from Rishi Sunak on Wednesday.

A week in America | 21 October 2021

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After a quick visit across the pond, Martin Liptrot discusses the U.S. and UK’s differing solutions to the climate change problem. Is Boris’ ‘Heat Pumps’ plan the solution?