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A week in America | 16 June 2023

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America is growing old disgracefully – this week Martin looks at the retirement crisis facing the US and some of the schemes trying to get rich from it…

Resolving conflicts

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We have been celebrating 25 years of relative peace in Ulster this week, Jim asks how that, and other major conflicts are finally going to be resolved. He also has concerns over Labour’s personal attack on the Prime Minister.

A week in America | 24 February 2023

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This week, Martin reports on the ‘weirdest week in weather’ the US is experiencing and how the political parties will inevitably turn it to their advantage…

Debt Ceiling

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Crisis? What Crisis? This week, Martin looks at the politically engineered Debt Ceiling Crisis and wonders, What happens next?

A week in America | 08 April 2022

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In the latest view from America, Martin Liptrot discusses the cost of universities in the U.S. and Why Florida is offering incentives via The Lottery.

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