A City of Liverpool College team member has seen her online cookery lessons go global, reaching thousands of views across more than seven countries, as people look to take on new skills as a result of social distancing.

Siobhan Sweet, Pastry Tutor at The City of Liverpool College, has been delivering her cookery skills lessons via live video, to ensure students can continue to receive their vocational training while they are learning from home.

However, she has seen not just her own students taking part and tuning in to these videos, but people from all over the world, including some of the worst affected countries  by COVID-19 such as America, Italy and Spain, who are looking for a way to fill their time and learn new skills whilst staying at home. Siobhan has received hundreds of messages from her audience, including parents, thanking her and creating an incredible sense of community spirit.

Siobhan Sweet, who was previously pastry chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant for nine years with over two decades of experience, working with the likes of Paul Hollywood, said:

“It has been amazing to see how many people are enjoying the lessons. We’ve had some really positive feedback not just from our own students who have really benefitted from us making the training virtual, but from people who we’ve never even met!

“Whether they are a student or not, I’m delighted that we’re able to provide people with something to distract them from the difficult time that we are all facing.”

Over the past few weeks, The City of Liverpool College has led the way to transition its lessons online, seeing its staff take to the internet to deliver classes to students, ensuring social distancing doesn’t impact their learning. The team has taken on a number of initiatives, including hosting its Access to Higher Education lessons through Microsoft Teams – a platform which is proving to be very successful in enabling staff to deliver their lessons.

Elaine Bowker, principal and chief executive at The City of Liverpool College, said:

“For us, this period has brought out a lot of creativity across the college in the way we deliver to our students. We’re fortunate that we were already leading the way in terms of our technological capabilities, having invested in our digital skills, equipment and competencies as part of our Digital Academy and our incredible teaching staff are of such a high standard, with many like Siobhan having been industry professionals.

“I’m passionate about maintaining the education of our students and ensuring the smooth-running of the college, so that our learners know that their future will be protected. That’s why I’m incredibly proud to see how many of our staff are taking it upon themselves to use the technology that works best for their students and their classes. Our staff continue to rise to the challenge and share with our students and each other innovative ways of ensuring the same high-quality levels of teaching across the college.”