Over the last month, Tunafish Media has worked hand-in-hand with local charity, Forever Manchester to create the world’s most helpful social campaign ever conducted. Bringing back Manchester’s favourite masked crusader, Captain Manchester, was no easy feat but they dusted off his costume and sent him out into the public to perform good deeds in and around the city centre.

The character was originally created back in 2013 as the first collaboration with Tunafish Media and Forever Manchester. This campaign followed the masked hero around the city centre as he performed good deeds wherever he went. The campaign was initially a secret, and the initiative behind the creative was revealed after the campaign had ended.

Forever Manchester is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. They work alongside local people within our communities by inspiring and encourage projects that make neighbourhoods happier and safer places to be. All the money raised is being used to fund over 1,000 community projects in Greater Manchester.

Over 40 Manchester businesses ‘took over’ the character throughout May and June in this collaborative campaign which re-launched the character and spread cheer throughout the city. The campaign was fully managed by Tunafish Media, who created the character and the initial campaign, which was launched on the morning of 8th May with Autotrader UK having completed the first takeover.

Captain Manchester is sponsored by Zen Office and you can follow the Captain’s exploits on Twitter at @Captain_MCR. You can find and support Forever Manchester at www.forevermanchester.com