A seven day virtual balloon race raised £696.78 for Rosemere Cancer Foundation after 294 balloons were entered into the online multi charity event on its behalf.

Participants saw their customised balloons released from Westminster Abbey. Having chosen a design, helium level and even the thickness of their balloon’s rubber, they then tracked their balloon to see who would win the £500 first prize for having travelled the furthest.

The highest placed Rosemere Cancer Foundation balloon was 51st, having achieved 2,579km.

Rebecca Arestidou, fundraising co-ordinator for Rosemere Cancer Foundation, said: “We might not have won the race but we are extremely grateful to everyone who rose to the occasion and took part!

“Our more usual means of raising funds to support our many projects are pretty much all suspended because of coronavirus so more than ever, every penny counts right now.”

Rosemere Cancer Foundation funds cutting edge equipment, research, training and other cancer services and therapies that the NHS is unable to afford to benefit cancer patients being treated at Rosemere Cancer Centre, the region’s specialist cancer treatment centre at the Royal Preston Hospital, and at another eight local hospital cancer units across Lancashire and South Cumbria.