Embryo Digital, the Manchester-based digital marketing agency have released the first in a three-part report considering how aesthetic businesses in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland promote themselves online.

A sample of 235 businesses was used for the first report, ‘RESEARCH: Comparing 235 Aesthetic Clinic Websites in the United Kingdom’, which analysed key SEO and content markers that Google, among other search engines, use to rank a website on a search engine results page (SERP). As Embryo Digital claim in their report, the greater the number of keywords, number of links, and in particular, high quality links that a website has, the more credible and trustworthy search engines consider these websites to be. This helps to boosts their ranks, increasing brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately, leads and conversions, whether that’s enquiries, newsletter sign ups or sales. Well-researched, authoritative and longform content is also key to audience engagement, yet upon analysis completion – was a gap they identified in the market.

In the report, Embryo Digital has not only outlined the top performing aesthetic clinics, which include Sk:n, Face The Future and Cosmedics, but have represented each and every business as a circle on their famed ‘EmbryoGraph’. Their EmbryoGraphs are visual representations of website performance, allowing for ease of comparison. Circle size, shading and border thickness signify keyword reach, number of pages indexed and number of inbound links respectively.

The second report, ‘The Aesthetics Of Aesthetic Websites’ is set for release on March 20th, and takes an in-depth look at 25 website features – including responsive design, reviews, a good colour palette and mobile-friendliness – that they believe are important for functionality, usability and consumer enjoyment of a website.

‘’With the aesthetics industry being as popular and competitive as it is, it’s vital that your website, and the strategy it encompasses, not only appeals to potential customers from the SERP, but also keeps them engaged while on your website. With forecasts expecting the industry to boom, there’s no better time to rethink your current online strategy and consider effective ways to better captivate your audience, and generate more ROI for your business’’.  – Ross Green, Managing Director at Embryo Digital

Specialising in web design, SEO and content marketing themselves, they’ve countlessly proven their talents in these services, having worked with clients spanning the real estate, skincare, insurance, technology, recruitment, and of course, the aesthetic industries. Since January, they’ve welcomed 6 new team members across their digital services, and have plans to take on 3 more by the end of the year.

You can learn more about Embryo Digital by visiting their website (https://www.embryodigital.co.uk/) or calling 0161 327 2635.