Everyone has a million pound idea, but not many people know how to bring it to life.

Join Sean at The Hilton Hotel, Liverpool on 31st March 2020 for an inspiring evening as he shares his tips for success, his highs (and lows) of over 25 years in business and leave ready to start your journey to emulating his success.

What To Expect

An introduction from International Speaker & Host Ester Stanhope

Award-winning author of ‘Goodbye Glossophobia’, Esther Stanhope, will be hosting the evening. Her extensive experience in public speaking has given her the know-how needed to command any room. She can’t wait to interview Sean about his success secrets.

Meet the Brilliant Sean O’Neill

Hear Sean’s fascinating stories of success and failure, how he made his first million, lost it and bounced back up again. Esther will conduct a Q&A that guides the audience through Sean’s trial and error in the business world – giving an overview of the results, so that you don’t need to make the errors, too.

Meet Some Of Seans Happy Investees

Sean has invested in business and people that he believes in. Find out from them how they approached Sean, how they presented their plans, and how his investment helped them to thrive.

Network with Like Minded People and Meet Sean’s Crack Team

Among the attendees of the event will be Sean’s expert team, successful investees, and other valuable connections that he has made over the course of his professional life. This is an opportunity to meet the type of professionals that Sean considers an asset and connect with them yourself.

Enjoy a drink, relax and chat!