Downtown in Business hosted a very special evening discussion at the superb Malmaison hotel with the chief executive of the West Midlands Combined Authority, Deborah Cadman.

The audience had the opportunity to listen to Deborah speak of the past, present and future of the region and its challenges, opportunities and exciting developments.

Some of these include the commonwealth games, inward investment into HS2, HSBC and  HMRC but also the potential of channel 4 finding its home in the region.

Deborah also advised audiences which consisted of business leaders across the region to support such projects and identify opportunities to benefit but also spoke about the legacy the commonwealth games can create and truly put the region on the map, regardless of its name.

Take away points from the session consisted of:

– The strength of the brand of Andy Street, driving the region forward.

– The WMCA is truly an up and coming place to live, work and invest in and international audiences are truly becoming increasingly interested and involved in investing in the region.

– The many challenges that face the region such as connectivity, housing, education and air quality.