Afternoon Tea with a twist

Words by: Chris Wilcox, Downtown in Business

Blending the quintessential British past-time of afternoon tea with the fantastical flavours of Asia seems like an impossible job. The team at The Vincent Café & Cocktail Bar in Liverpool, have not only pulled off this achievement they have raised the bar for afternoon tea.

Taking the traditional formula of ‘Afternoon tea’ and putting your own twist on it, has become the latest trend. We doubt many have done it as well as this. Asian Afternoon Tea, it doesn’t sound like it should work, but it does.

Your journey to experiencing the delicious flavours of the Asian take on ‘Afternoon Tea’ begins in the amazing surroundings of the impeccable restaurant located in the heart of Liverpool in Exchange Flags. The décor is fantastic and the little touches of Scouse humour on the napkins and the punky vibes emitted from the Bowie artwork on the menus adds to the charm.

If the ‘Asian Afternoon Tea’ doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (see what we did there) and you are pushed for time you can experience the delights of the ‘Express Menu’. Don’t let the word ‘Express’ conjure up images of Fast Food chains and Burger Vans. This is expertly prepared food served quickly.

We were lucky enough to sample the Carbonara and Club Sandwich from the ‘Express Menu’ and as described by @DIBDesign_Jayne and @ChrisWilcoxDIB, the dishes were ‘dead nice’ and ‘delicious’. The empty plates certainly backed up statements.

So tasty was the food that the Asian Afternoon Tea was almost forgone due to the buckles on our belts starting to strain. Fortunately, we are pleased to report we did manage to find extra space in our stomachs to share one portion.

The Asian take on the traditional Afternoon tea arrived with the most impeccable presentation. Consisting of; Rosewater Doughnut, Pandan Scone, Sushi or Sandwiches (whichever you prefer, we had Sushi), Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream, Matcha Roll, Lemongrass Panacotta and a cocktail of your choice*, you won’t know where to start. Luckily, every bite tastes as good as the last.

If you aren’t a Sushi fan, worry not this is The Vincent’s version of Sushi or you can order Sandwiches as an alternative. Whatever you choose you are sure to have a fantastic time at The Vincent Café & Cocktail Bar and you will be making your next reservations on your way out of the door.

*We were treated to the charming Vincent Cocktail. It’s magical and scrumptious. You must order it.

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