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A week in America | 19 May 2023

While TV coverage of King Charles III’s Coronation has made Americans more interested in visiting the United Kingdom, is it enough to make them invest their dollars and grow their businesses there too? Martin reports on a conference which identified key steps the leadership of UK towns and cities could take to attract investment and grow their economies…


A week in America | 12 May 2023

As the U.S. braces for the largest ever influx of immigrants across its southern border this weekend – Martin looks at the other group of migrants changing the nation’s towns and cities – Americans.


A week in America | 5 May 2023

As we get to the business end of the sports season, Martin looks at the way U.S. sports are organised and wonders if there are lessons for the English Premier League and others to learn…


A week in America | 20 April 2023

As the baseball season gets underway in USA, Martin looks at the surprising ways global sports leagues are making huge changes to connect and engage with new audiences and build their businesses…


Dude, It’s all about the money

In the next week, America’s businesses are set to report how Q1 2023 has mapped out, and what it will tell us for all of our economic fortunes… Martin looks at the trends and what he is hearing from businesses in the US.


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