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Wake Up and Smell the Toffee

This week Martin follows the rumoured investment in Everton FC from a Florida based investor, and wonders if English football fans are truly ready for the inevitable success which would follow…


A week in America | 8 September 2023

This week, Martin looks forward to the start of the NFL season. Fans of grid iron will see big changes in where they can watch the games, how they can enjoy the experience, and how broadcasters are opening new revenue streams with in game features…


A week in America | 01 September 2023

This week, Martin studies the form for the field running to be US Presidential candidates. Troubled by legal woes, weight and health rumours, and on-going coiffure concerns, defeated 2020 candidate Donald Trump is leading the republican field… but who else is running?


A week in America | 11 August 2023

This week Martin explores the biggest challenge facing the English Premier League. Billions of dollars have been sunk into rival leagues – not just to attract players and coaches to pastures new – but to gain the attention of the enormous and hugely profitable U.S. sports broadcast market.. EPL? MLS? SPL? – who will win…


A Week in America – 21 July 2023

As major global meetings and Foreign Direct Investment conferences start to appear on bankers, pension funds and investment professionals calendars, how can the UK’s piecemeal approach compete with America’s joined up national strategy…


A week in America | 30 June 2023

This year, there have been 23 school shootings in America already. As a Florida jury considers the role of police and security guards in preventing them, Martin wonders what else can be done…


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