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Short Term Gain

The Chancellors budget was fine as far as it went. But if the UK is going to enjoy a Roaring 20s, Rishi Sunak will have to be more ambitious in his future planning, according to Downtown boss Frank McKenna.

Has Boris bounced back?

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In his latest blog, Frank McKenna explains why it may be better to be a lucky politician than a good one.

We need a route map out of lockdown

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Its time to start thinking about a Route Map back to normalcy, according to Downtown boss Frank McKenna, who is calling for a timescale for the lifting of restrictions, COVID passports and a refreshed business support package from the government.

Labour’s Culture Wars are Starmer’s Biggest Challenge

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Labour may be ahead in the polls, but if they are to have any chance of winning the next General Election they need to do much, much more. Frank McKenna reflects on the challenges facing Keir Starmer – a leader who is more popular than his party.

And The Winner Is…

In his last blog of 2020 Frank Mckenna reflects on DIB’s success in hosting a ‘live’ awards event last week – and tells us who his picks are for special recognition from what has been the most challenging of years.

Time to focus on what we CAN do

A vaccine has been a found, guidelines are in place to allow businesses to start to have meetings again – but the COVID-Martyrs are on the attack. Frank McKenna outlines how Downtown in Business, against the odds, was able to host a major business meeting yesterday – and why it’s important for many more to follow in 2021.

Starmer’s biggest tests still to come

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In his latest blog, Frank McKenna suggests that whilst many of us feel 2020 has been our toughest year, Keir Starmer may find 2021 even more challenging.