International Women’s Day blog – Gaby Mendes

Founder of Talk Twenties, Gaby Mendes has written a blog for International Women’s Day discussing her progression from University to founding the successful business she runs today and being named in Liverpool Echo’s ’30 Under 30.’

Short Term Gain

The Chancellors budget was fine as far as it went. But if the UK is going to enjoy a Roaring 20s, Rishi Sunak will have to be more ambitious in his future planning, according to Downtown boss Frank McKenna.

En Route to a “Pinch Me” Life

In the lead up to International Womens Day, we hear from a number of successful business women from across the UK. In this weeks guest blog, we hear from Founder of Girls in Marketing – Olivia Hanlon.


Jim analyses the Budget of the Coca Cola loving Chancellor to see if it is fizzing or flat. He also suggests Labour have missed a big opportunity to show how they would be different.


Public spending is eye wateringly high, but Jim believes that in next week’s Budget the Chancellor will concentrate on nursing the economy out of the pandemic, with the reckoning to come later.

No Jab, No Job?

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Do employers have the right to insist their workers have a jab on pain of being sacked? Jim discusses this tricky issue in his blog this week. He also calls for the Labour leader to be given some slack along with the vast majority of parish councillors who don’t live in Handforth!