How bespoke software enables business growth

Words by Sion Hill, Blue Wren:

As your business grows, the processes that once helped you flourish can begin to hold you back. Selecting the right piece of software for your business helps to remove blockages to growth.

Bespoke software is designed to remove these blockages and inefficiencies as it is built with your business in mind.

Scales alongside growth

Bespoke software scales alongside the growth of your business by running parallel to processes.

The user-led design means it is built to eliminate your specific blockages to growth and remove inefficiencies that appear as your business grows. Owning bespoke software gives your business a competitive industry advantage to further enable scalable growth and offer an unrivalled service.

Integrates your systems

Bespoke software can integrate your existing systems and third-party software to create a holistic business solution. Whether it’s financial software, an existing enterprise CRM or a dozen databases and spreadsheets, bespoke software integrates them to create efficiencies within your business.

Operating through one integrated system creates a single point of truth for your business data, meaning you no longer need to visit numerous data sources to fact-check or make decisions. One source of data also removes repetitive data entry, reducing the room for human error and creating significant time savings.

Prioritises your workload

Software helps your team organise their workload. It enables them to prioritise the work that delivers the most value and undertake that first.

For example, workflow management software can effectively run your entire business. The workflow builder automatically populates to-do lists with tasks triggered by key dates and reminders. This ensures your team never miss an opportunity to convert and efficiently organises their schedule.

Improves project visibility

Complete project visibility becomes progressively difficult as you grow and the number of projects running simultaneously inevitably increases.

A resource management tool, built with your business and industry in mind, gives you complete visibility and control of a project’s profitability and resource allocation. Tracking these through one location, as opposed to several databases, systems and project managers, helps you efficiently track a project’s health, efficiently organise resources and prevent overspending.

Engages employees and customers

Boosting engagement opens channels of communication to give you access to honest and invaluable feedback. This allows you to address weaknesses and identify strengths to continually improve your service.

  • Internally, this can be realised through a bespoke intranet; facilitating real-time communication company-wide, promoting teamwork and collaboration, featuring forums, polls, quizzes, company news and even an “ask the boss” function to facilitate the direct sharing of ideas.
  • Externally, you can engage your customers via a customer feedback tool; opening a two-way dialogue directly with those who use your service and giving you invaluable qualitative and quantitative feedback to evolve your service.

Incremental changes drive continuous improvement and growth.

Improve performance monitoring

What gets measured, gets done. Producing comprehensive reports to analyse your performance often means visiting numerous sources of data, systems, departments and branches.

KPI tracking software can integrate your systems and performance data, from Sage and Xero through to Google Analytics and social media statistics. Because you define your own KPIs, and the extent to which the results are aggregated or granular, you can produce engaging reports relevant to your business. This allows you to extract more meaningful actions to further your business’ growth.

Bespoke software helps you remove the blockages in your processes that you begin to tolerate and work around. Unleash your business’ potential with efficiency-boosting solutions that save your business time and money whilst also scaling alongside your business growth.

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