Burnley College Sixth Form student’s invention is a hit at McDonalds

An innovative Advanced Level Engineering student at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre has invented a piece of equipment that is making life easier for local McDonald’s staff.

Talented Devon Preston (18), who is approaching the end of his Advanced Level Mechanical Engineering studies, sprang into action after he saw problems with the sauce dispensers at the Burnley drive-through restaurant in Trafalgar Street where he has worked for almost three years.

Former Shuttleworth High School student Devon said:

“Parts for the mustard guns were always being lost during the washing up process and I realised that we really needed to find a solution to the issue rather than just replace the parts. I looked at several ways to solve the problem and came up with some designs which I printed at home on a 3D printer. It took a few attempts and some fine-tuning of my design to get it just right, but the finished product works and is about the size of a Polo mint.

“It’s really made a big difference to the way we work at the Burnley drive-through and my leadership team at McDonalds are really pleased with the way it works!”

Devon started work as a crew member at McDonalds almost three years ago and has been promoted to the role of floor manager at McDonalds, taking shifts that fit in with his studies. He is planning a successful career in Engineering locally and has already been offered an Advanced Apprenticeship at Hope Technology, Barnoldswick, through Themis, the business training and Apprenticeship arm of Burnley College.

He said:

“I wanted the additional knowledge that two years of Advanced Level study in Engineering would give me before I started an Apprenticeship. My course has provided me with a really firm foundation for my Advanced Apprenticeship and I’m planning to study to degree level, which will help my career progression.”

Neil Burrows, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre and Themis, said:

“At Burnley College Sixth Form Centre we encourage our Advanced Level Engineering students to put the knowledge and skills they learn in the classroom to good use in real-life scenarios – and Devon has done just that.

“Our students excel in problem-solving and using their initiative to go above and beyond in everything they do. Devon will be a huge asset to Hope Technology as a Themis Advanced Apprentice and we’re sure we’ll be hearing his name in future when he reaches the top of his profession.”

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