DIB Member to Launch Book Here in Birmingham

One of our very own DIB members has chosen Birmingham as the location to launch his critically acclaimed book later this month.

Craig McVoy has chosen to launch his book ‘Beyond Brand: Why It’s The Experience That Causes People To Fall In Love With Your Brand’ in Birmingham on July 25th, rather than the traditional location of London.

“When it came to be launching Beyond Brand, I wanted to choose our hometown, as we are based in Brindley Place”. said Craig. “We want to help 12 businesses in the West Midlands improve their customer strategy over the next 12 months, so it felt like the natural place to hold the book launch”.

With plans to launch hubs at all the DIB locations over the next 3 years, Craig sees the partnership with Downtown in Business as going from strength to strength as they expand into the other location hubs. “Matt and the team at DIB understand the value Beyond Brand is bringing to the market, and we have had fantastic feedback from the members about the importance they place on the customer experience”.

Craig has opened up the invitation to the book launch event to all DIB members, who can book tickets on the link below.

You need to include a password, as tickets are limited. The password is BBBook250718.

About the Book

The last five years have seen a significant shift in what makes a successful business: customers no longer choose you because of product or price, but because of how you make them feel and how easy you are to do business with. The experience that you deliver to your customers and employees affects brand loyalty more than any other factor. In order to fall in love with your brand, people need to get it. Beyond Brand shows you how to:

  • Create a brand experience to deliver sustainable profit growth for your business
  • Uncover the Seven Principles to attract and retain more customers
  • Develop your USP to differentiate you from your competition
  • Build a long-term emotional connection with your customers and employees.

About the Author

Craig McVoy has over twenty years’ experience of working with some of the most admired brands in the world, helping them to shape their customer experience strategy and operational excellence. Starting in customer-facing roles, progressing through middle management, and then serving as an executive director, Craig has faced the same challenges he helps businesses overcome today. Now an established speaker and author on the topic of customer experience, Craig has worked with the likes of John Lewis, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, LV=, RBS, and Direct Line.

What People Are Saying

During my career at John Lewis, this dedication to brand, reputation and the customer experience was fundamental to our success. This book is an enlightening and engaging exploration of many themes I recognise from experience and I wholeheartedly recommend it, no matter what the sector or business you are in.” – Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

This book provides valuable insight into the importance of building credibility with your target market and how to invest in an experience that means consumers fall in love with your brand.” – Dr Jason Wouhra OBE, Chairman of the IOD West Midlands

“Every business’s ideal customer isn’t an engaged one. It’s a loyal one. Someone who buys. Who keeps buying. And who tells their contacts to buy too. And you’ll only get these customers if you give them an incredible experience such that they crave more. Craig’s excellent book gives you step-by-step guidance how to do just that. A revelation.” – Andy Bounds, Sales Expert & Best Selling Author

“This book is an exciting mini-MBA but centred around the right thing, customers, as opposed to finance. It is packed with stories that are memorable, and in there, a stern warning for any company that doesn’t pay enough attention to the customer experience: consumers don’t mind if 74% of brands fell off the face of the earth!” – Nigel Shanahan, Founder of Rant & Rave


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