Downtown to launch new website

Downtown in Business will be launching a dynamic new website early next month that will help our members explore the many benefits of Downtown quicker and easier than ever before.

The updated design, which has been designed and developed by Downtown’s Creative Partner KODE., will deliver a fresher, cleaner look to better fit with the DIB brand.

The new website will make it easier to access news from the Downtown community, keep up-to-date with the ever-changing business and political landscape and explore in greater detail the upcoming events and opportunities in each Downtown region.

There will also be some exciting features added to the site as it evolves.

Frank McKenna, chief executive and group chairman for Downtown in Business commented; “We are incredibly excited by the new look of the DIB website and can’t wait for our members to see it. KODE. have been a pleasure to work with and they have produced a first-class website that truly reflects DIB.”

“The site reflects Downtown expansion across the country, and will, I’m sure, be seen as a useful media platform by our membership.”

Aaron Hayes, Business Development Manager at KODE. added; “KODE. were pleased to design and develop the new Downtown website and we hope that both existing members and potential members interact with the site on a regular basis. Working with the Downtown comms team made creating the site and bringing the site to life simply a pleasure. People will find the new site easy to navigate and find news, events, and updates no matter what Downtown region that they are from as everything is accessible from one site. The design is sharp but with a look that Downtown members will be familiar with in essence the new site is modern and fast without taking too much of a departure from the old look, we wanted Downtown members to instantly feel that they are on the Downtown website as well as being able to access the information that they need. The site was developed with future updates in mind and we look forward to working with Downtown on these exciting new features. The KODE. team would like to take this opportunity to thank Frank and the Comms team at Downtown and we hope that everyone has a pleasurable experience when using the new website.”

Further details about the new look website will be announced soon.

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