Liverpool business urged to support IBF

This post was written 8 months ago and therefore may not be as accurate as more recent posts.

Downtown in Business hosted a special breakfast event focussing on the International Festival for Business, which will be held in Liverpool in the Summer of 2018.

The chief executive of Liverpool Vision, and the chairman of the Festival Max Steinberg, joined Downtown members at the Marriot Hotel to outline an exciting three- week programme that will kick off on Tuesday 12th June.

He told the meeting:

“We have already secured some very high- profile names to attend the Festival, and I know that when we announce our speaker list you will be excited and impressed in equal measure. The Festival will be offering an environment within the ACC Arena for three-weeks where you will be able to make connections and do some business. I hope you take that opportunity, and we will do what we can to help you.”

If you want further details about IBF 18, please contact – and look out for an exclusive event on the Festival that Downtown will be hosting in the New Year.

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