Top tips for Planning your Probate

An expert has offered her top tips for planning for the tasks that will need to be undertaken after death, to help loved ones cope.

Nicola Turner, associate solicitor in the Probate & Inheritance Disputes team at regional law firm Napthens, reports that people often worry about how loved ones will cope after their death.

The complication of dealing with financial affairs and arrangements can cause additional stress at an already difficult time.

Nicola highlights that there are practical steps people can take to help their family by making some preparations in advance. This can be done even where professionals will be used to deal with the deceased’s assets.

Nicola has given her top tips for helping: “First, ensure that your will is registered online with the National Will Register which makes finding your Will and checking it is the most recent version much easier for your executors – the people you name to deal with this process.

“Your Will is highly confidential and the register is not provided with a copy, only details to confirm its date and where it is held.

“Next, keep an up-to-date address book, including details of your beneficiaries and any friends who would wish to be notified of your death.

“Compile a schedule of your assets, liabilities and utility providers and keep it in a safe place. You may wish to keep bank statements and copies of any policies together as these will contain useful information.

“Consider what will happen to your social media accounts and access to services such as online shopping following your death. Be cautious of writing down usernames and passwords if you would not want your accounts being accessed but bear in mind that your family may wish to access these accounts to close them down.

“Finally, if you have any specific requests for your funeral or cremation – such as favourite songs – make sure someone knows. Ideally, record this information in your Will too.”

Nicola’s top five tips:

1. Register your Will online
2. Keep an up-to-date address book
3. Compile a schedule of assets, liabilities and utility providers
4. Consider social media and other online accounts
5. Record specific requests for funeral or cremation.

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