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Downtown in Business have collated some of our favourite tweets from the past seven days.

Here is what we liked this week!

We need more Twitter users to be like Gazza.


Downtown kicked off its 2018 calendar of events.

Transport was a major topic of discussion this week.

No Words, Just sit back, watch and enjoy.

We have all been there PJ. Actually no, we haven’t. Best of luck with the fitness regime

A massive well done to @AfterDigitalUK and @C_Leaver for this campaign throughout January.

Paul McCartney certainly knows how to #MakeASongLessInteresting

And finally…

Andrew Adonis wrote a letter to the Prime Minister.

KFC UK did it’s best Donald Trump impression.

Well done Iceland after announcing plans to eradicate the gender pay gap by 2022.

Good news for the unemployment rate this week.

There was a vote about Brexit this week. Some people were unhappy at politicians doing their job.

@DavidLammy is not a fan of @Nigel_Farage.

Good luck on the new office @sedulogroup

Downtown are delighted that we could help raise so much money for a worthy cause at our inaugural City of Birmingham Business Awards. Thank you so much to all who donated.

The machines are rising…

Good friend of Downtown Carolyn Hughes PR hosted another fantastic Christmas party last week.

Downtown chief Executive, Frank McKenna, was on the panel of the #StartMeUp competition by @OregaOffices. A big congratulations to @thesocialburst who won.

Malmaison Birmingham are already in the festive spirit.

Downtown were delighted to be involved with this fantastic event in Liverpool this week. Well done to @Agent_Academy, @Emily_Rose95 and everyone else who was involved.

There was big news about Time Magaizne’s ‘Person of the Year’ this week.

Downtown hosted it’s final awards gala of the year, the Women In Business Awards 2017 rewarding the leading ladies in the Lancashire county. Downtown would like to congratulate all of the winners and nominees at all of our events this year, and we look forward to rewarding many more deserving winners in 2018.

Downtown hosted it’s first event in Glasgow this week. Look out for further information on Downtown Glasgow in Business in 2018.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, was happy to see the government agree to pay the full amount of restoration money following the Arena bombing earlier this year.

Downtown were delighted to be part of #LancashireDay

In other news 💍

However, in their defence…

Downtown Liverpool hosted the fifteenth annual Livercool Awards last week. Here are some of our favourite tweets from the evening.

This isn’t just a best Tweet of the Week. This could be a best tweet of all time.

This cameraman thought he had the perfect shot.

We love a bit of mutual appreciation between DIB award winners.

Downtown Birmingham in Business hosted the inaugural City of Birmingham Business Awards. Here is a collection of some of our favourite tweets about #COBBA17

A massive congratulations to Downtown friend, Paul Corcoran.

Donald Trump was at it again on Twitter. But it’s not the first time this tweeter had seen something so childish.

Downtown’s Head of Events, @DIB_Chris, attended the NW Football Awards this week.

Former Liverpool FC Manager, Roy Evans, isn’t his daughters favourite parent at the moment.

It was a busy week for Downtown CEO, Frank McKenna.

That chicken drumstick looks Finger lickin’ good 🍗

True, very true!

Good question.

Twitter is officially introducing a 280 character limit. The reactions divided people.

The Good!

The Bad

We couldn’t agree more, Liam is our fave 😍😍😍

We all have our individual talents?

Our very own Head of Communications, Chris Wilcox

Let’s not point fingers…. *stares at David Cameron*

It’s fantastic to see a great cause get the deserved attention and support. Well done to all involved with Tyred.

Follow the @tyreduk on Twitter 



This week Downtown hosted a number of events with some of the key decision makers in the North West!

If you are in Liverpool tonight and are interested a spooktacular offer head down to @TheLiverpoolMal

Good friends of Downtown @EKM have been shortlisted for an award for their amazing office.

A big thanks to @VictoriaB_bhx for this great example of what DIB is and does! We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

The Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram, is excited about the future of Liverpool & Manchester after attending MIPIMUK.

Christmas is coming and there is one man in particular who is not looking forward to it!

A massive well done to @DIBMatthew on completing the Birmingham 1/2 marathon last weekend. (He did take 2 days to recover)


Downtown were delighted to sponsor the #insiderNW42 awards this week.

There was amazing news about the #tyred campaign this week.

Downtown Liverpool hosted an exclusive event with Everton FC legend and Everton in the Community ambassador Graeme Sharp!

Bruntwood CEO, Chris Oglesby has backed a call for the government to back the #NorthernPowerhouse.

Sir Richard Leese and Manchester City Council are leading the way to help resolve the homelessness crisis.

The #Brexit negotiations are going well.

There’s been victory for the team at Ruler Analytics.

Half-price travel scheme launched in Birmingham.

You can now enjoy the delicious taste of Mowglis in your own home.

Is it time for the US to reassess gun laws?

Which cathedral is better?

Congratulations to DIB sponsors, High Performance Consultancy. We hope you all had a good time.

This is a very good read from Michael Taylor.

Roger Tilling, the voice over man for University Challenge, had his work cut out this week.

This is a little bonus for all you ‘Arrested Development’ fans.

This floor design is crazy!

They really were Ed, they really were.

This is a great campaign from @lpoolgirlgeeks

Some useful information from BBC Reality Check

We have no words!

Dogs are amazing!

Zimbabwe was the bored kid in class during Trump’s UN speech

Congratulations Victoria Brown on completing the Great North Run!


Not a good week for news presenters.

If your online password is your dog/cat’s name and a number, you may want to reassess that.

We have contacted the DIB Social Media for comment.

Save all the animals!


Snakes and Ladders show stopper, you say. We only need ladders, the tent comes with a snake.

J.K Rowling couldn’t be subtle if she tried.

Cheers, Jack Hunter 🐻

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