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Who Are Yer? – Tosh Parkar

Each week we are getting to know a member of the DIB network a bit better by asking Who Are Yer? This week, we get to know Business Development Manager at Red Rock Communications, Tosh Parkar.

Full Name: Tosh Parkar
Company: Red Rock Communications
Job Title: Business Development Manager

What does your business do: Telecommunications and Infrastructure
Where can we find you: Based just outside Manchester

Your LinkedIn:
Company LinkedIn:
Company Website:

Favourite sports team: Indian Cricket Team
Favourite Book: Maybe not a book as such but the Kaizen approach to continuous improvement
Favourite Band/Artist/Song: Sting – Desert Rose
Favourite Restaurant / eat-out: Nawab’s Restaurant in Manchester
Favourite Holiday destination: Dubai
Top 5 people dinner party guests, dead or alive: Virat Kohli, Roy Keane, Gary Neville, Dwayne Johnson, and Mike Tyson
Celebrity crush: Beyonce

My proudest / best business moment is/was… When working in a previous role I was promoted to Assistant Team Leader and one of my duties was to give a daily motivational speech to around 70 people. Taught me a lot about comfort zone, confidence, and overcoming doubts.
My advice for 18-year-old me would be… Don’t waste your time and understand the value of money.
My personal business hero(es) is/are… Neil Harvey (my old Regional Development Manager at Watson Fuels). He always had time to help me and improve my skills and confidence. He also had a lot of trust in me and would let me do what I do best without trying to get in my way.
Our company is… The #1 telecoms business in the North-West and pride ourselves on providing fantastic customer service and excellence.

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