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Positivity is the way forward



Luke Rumney, Business Development Manager at ArchiPhonic Ltd shares his thoughts on the recent news about Liverpool City Council.

Words: Luke Rumney, ArchiPhonic Ltd

Last week was a difficult one for Liverpool. The measures brought in by the government following Max Caller’s report are far from ideal and will undoubtedly have an impact on the property and construction sector, but the best way forward from this is taking a positive approach.

Yes, having commissioners in key departments will undoubtedly slow down areas such as planning, there will be change and there will be more scrutiny. But perhaps this won’t be a bad thing?

If we look back to the start of the pandemic, the sector experienced a huge initial set-back, as we adjusted to the changes around us. But then something brilliant happened, the businesses who took the opportunity to explore different solutions and find different ways of working took a huge rush forward.

If there’s anything we’ve learned at all over the past 12 months, it’s that there is always a way to make things work and that’s what we need to do now.

We can’t change where we are, so we just need to get on with it. We also need to remember the council and the city is more than those individuals who haven’t been doing things in the right way. The team at ArchiPhonic works with hundreds people in the affected council departments that love Liverpool and are committed to making it a better place – and we’ll continue to do so.

Liverpool is still a great place to live, work, visit and invest. That can’t be taken away from the city. Yes, we’ve taken a significant blow and we’re going to be feeling the impact for a while, but the city needs to continue to be proud of itself. We need to continue to be proud of it and everything good that has been achieved in recent years.

Although it appears to be a set-back, it’s in fact an opportunity to shake off past reputations and move past this by doing things in a different way, communicating, collaborating and proving naysayers wrong by coming back stronger.

This blog frst appeared on LinkedIn, posted by Luke Rumney.



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