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By chris

By chris

A systematic approach to managing and caring for your workforce

Zahid Chaudhry, Managing Director at Sentinel Technologies discusses how important it is to manage and care for your workforce.

Workforce management (WFM) and lone worker protection (LWP) has never been more important. Whether you’re in hospitality, healthcare, retail, banking and finance, security or other service industries, there is always a need for WFM, and often LWP.

Grant Thornton, using Office of National Statistics data, have shown that an estimated five million workers, excluding the self-employed, work alone for at least part of their day in the UK.

It was through our need to manage and care for our workforce that we have developed some excellent software which is now used not just by us, but also by a wide range of organisations.

Sentinel Group Security have traditionally provided manned guarding but developing a sophisticated WFM software system has meant we have been able to also establish Sentinel Technologies – the demand for our digital approach is that strong.

We found traditional human resource management was often not accurate. It was also time-consuming and did not provide the necessary insights. It was cumbersome, often shuffling between spreadsheets, emails, and even paper-based systems. So, we developed a single solution which we’ve called MiSentinel.

This WFM software optimises operational efficiencies and employee satisfaction. It streamlines day-to-day tasks and make it easier for the employer and the employees to keep track of their duties. It is particularly good at eradicating errors, resolving conflicts or discrepancies and most importantly, saving time. It is particularly good for employee scheduling, tracking, lone worker safety and reporting.

The benefits you get from implementing a WFM software system cannot be underestimated. With MiSentinel we especially noticed error-free scheduling, cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, the ability to conduct real-time evaluations, and better employee engagement.

On the safety side, it has made real-time tracking of workers so much easier, managing incidents, making screening and vetting easier, and managing all the related reports.

Digitalisation of our processes has also made storing information much simpler, and the mobile app which accompanies MiSentinel also provides a level of convenience which makes it popular throughout one’s workforce.

But it doesn’t end there. With a large team of security officers, we have been especially conscious of how vulnerable they can be particularly when working alone.

Therefore, we have now developed MiSOS, an LWP solution, based on mobile technology, which is being launched by Sentinel Technologies soon. There are so many dangerous situations today personal safety apps play a vital role in minimising harm.

MiSOS is designed to ensure personal safety and provides a quick response facility which includes incident progress monitoring using our National Security Inspectorate (NSI) approved monitoring station. Not only that, but it also focuses on the safety of lone workers no matter where they are working from. It tracks employees in real-time and supplies immediate notifications to help manage incidents.

Whatever sector you are in, lone workers need some form of personal safety app and MiSOS is paving the way in personal safety solutions.

Zahid Chaudhry is Managing Director at Sentinel Technologies, learn more at

This article first appeared in DQ Issue 21 | Winter 2021



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