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By chris

By chris

One planet, one goal, oneHR

At oneHR their goal has always been to create a paperless workplace, replacing each HR function with a smart and effective cloud-based solution. Now they have taken an extra step forward with plans to create a sustainable, digital HR function by teaming up with more:trees.

One pledge…

One Planet, one goal, oneHR

One Pledge…

Did you know that the average office worker uses roughly 10,000 sheets of paper per year? What if I then told you, on average one tree yields roughly…10,000 sheets of paper! Are you comfortable in the knowledge that your own personal consumption may be equivalent to one entire tree per year?

When I first heard this statistic, I was shocked and saddened. In the age of technology, millions of trees are still being cut down every year to allow for redundant, paper-based office processes. At oneHR our goal has always been to create a paperless workplace, replacing each HR function with a smart and effective cloud-based solution.

This year we have taken an extra step forward with our plans to create a sustainable, digital HR function by teaming up with more:trees. This exciting new partnership allows us to plant trees for all new oneHR sign-ups and client milestones, helping us to offset the carbon used in these day-to-day office processes and procedures.

 more:trees goal is to help businesses and individuals take impactful climate action to secure the future of our planet now and for generations to come’ – This is a philosophy we share and we are incredibly excited to kickstart this partnership and look forward to watching our virtual forest flourish and grow.

Before we talk more about how we plan to help create greater sustainability, why not a take a look at the size of your current carbon footprint:

Why are we taking this pledge?

With decades of HR experience, our team is not unfamiliar with how quick the paper can stack up. From the onboarding process to manual handling of holidays, you may as well give each new starter an axe and send them off to the forest for their first shift to cut out the middle man.

Although our initial goal when building oneHR was to reduce HR admin time and alleviate the headache that comes with manually managing outdated HR processes, we quickly saw the potential for good that a cloud-based HR platform has when it comes to looking after our planet. This realisation planted the seed of sustainability and kick started our search for an organisation/project that could turn our tree planting dreams into a reality.

How does oneHR help you create a paperless workplace?

How you will save paper by switching to a cloud-based platform:

Say goodbye to holiday and absence forms. oneHR’s powerful leave and absence calendar is easy to use and provides valuable insight into leave and absence trends within your business

No more dusty old personnel files. oneHR’s employee database is completely customisable, allowing you capture essential employee details, with the addition of custom sections and fields that are unique to your businesses way of operating.

Take your performance management to the cloud. Throw away the out of date KIT or Performance Review forms, through the use of bespoke performance management sections and employee document folders you can keep a clear and transparent online record of your teams development.

Unlimited document storage. Policies, handbooks, and contracts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to essential documentation. oneHR provides you with companywide, department specific and user specific document areas to store all your essential documentation, with no limits on upload.

How can you make a change?

In addition to adopting a cloud-based solution for your HR, there are a number of essential steps you can be making as businesses to work towards a greener future.

Make sure you power down

Leaving equipment on unnecessarily doesn’t just contribute to wastage but runs up your energy bill. Turning off equipment that isn’t being used helps lower both your bills and your carbon footprint.

Stop sending pointless emails

How many of the emails that you send are actually adding value to the conversation? As heartless as it may seem, it may be time to do away with the obligatory ‘thank you’ email. Those two words add up.  Did you know that an average year of emailing emits about 136 kilograms of CO2, which is equal to the impact of driving 200 miles in a car. It’s time to keep it concise!


Of course, this isn’t a new concept, that being said a lot of businesses are failing to dispose of recyclable waste correctly. Whether that be because they aren’t provided with the appropriate disposal facilities or don’t have a recycling initiative in place, it’s time to make this a priority in the war against growing landfill.

Assess transport options

You can’t enforce how your team are making their commute into the workplace but you can put in place incentives that promote the use of public transportation. In some cases, with the rise of remote working, you can save on vehicle emissions by removing them altogether!

Are you ready to make the pledge?

Sustainability and carbon off-setting should be at the forefront of our minds from both a personal and business perspective as we see the growing and impending impacts of climate change. Please get in touch today if you are ready to explore how you can take your HR online and give back to our planet at the same time.

This article first appeared in DQ Issue 21 | Winter 2021



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