Branding is the most powerful marketing tool you possess. As a marketing exec or business owner you probably already know this. But would you like to know how to identify the weaknesses in your brand (because we all have them)? Or maybe you want to be able to answer questions like this:

“How many contracts are we losing each quarter to competitors with stronger brands?”

“Does every part of our marketing convey the same personality?”

“How much money are we losing through audience alienation in our newest markets?”

The goal of a brand audit is to help you and your business grow. Without a brand audit by your side, you run the very real risk of just focusing on aesthetics, rather than all the things that should guide your choices – like your market, culture, vision and mission.

You should tackle a Brand Audit when…

  • Your profits and/or sales are dropping and you’re unsure why
  • You might be shifting your brand position
  • You’re concerned that you don’t understand how your brand is perceived by your audience
  • You want to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business
  • You’re concerned that your branding isn’t consistent (maybe your website doesn’t reflect your products or services, or your social media failures to communicate your mission and vision)
  • The business may be changing its focus – from one product, segment or market to another
  • The company may be undertaking a rebrand in the future

If you answered YES to any of the above you mustn’t skip a brand audit. Book your place to learn how to successfully carry out a brand audit.

What you will learn:

  1. How to develop an audit framework
  2. The questions you should ask
  3. How to analyse your results

Your Branding Expert: Kim Leary, CEO, Squibble

Kim started Squibble in 2010 and has since grown the business to include past clients like McDonalds, Auto Trader and Marks & Spencers. She has led many top level campaigns for leading brands in the UK and because of this holds a strong position within the industry.

Kim is multi-award winning, having scooped ‘Young Entrepreneur of the year 2016’, made finalist for ‘Birmingham Business Woman of the Year 2018’ and picked up ‘Digital & Creative Business of the Year 2017’ for her agency.

As a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and innovation in tech, Kim Chairs the Board of Birmingham Tech Week. A CIC initiative she helped to setup. The week celebrates the diverse, innovative and growing city whilst pulling together students, start-ups, business owners, investors and sponsors for a week of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Birmingham Tech’s core focus is on building awareness of the Birmingham technology scene, on a global scale.

When she isn’t glued to a computer screen, Kim spends her time helping entrepreneurs as a mentor through the Natwest Accelerator Programme. Owing to her success she is well placed to support their entrepreneurial members.