Downtown in Business Birmingham recently hosted a special socially distanced buisness event at Park Regis. Downtown welcomed three great speakers – Kevin Johnson, Kim Leary and James Forrester chaired by Downtown Chief Executive, Frank Mckenna. The afternoon invited business leaders across the region to connect, converse and share concerns.

Kevin Johnson, Urban Communications, kicked off the discussion with 3 key questions for the audience.

  • Do businesses feel that they are being listened to by the government on a national level?
  • Are our public figures doing a representative job on behalf of the City of Birmingham?
  • Under current circumstances, is the focus still on the pending mayoral election or has this fallen by the ways side.

Following this, Kim Leary, Squibble Ltd, informed about the future of events from a digital and tech perspective and the overnight, increased reliance on a virtual world we have all had to embrace. For further discussion around this subject you can follow and join over 70 live events during Birmingham Tech Week.

James Forrester, Barrows & Forrester, offered an update on the property market noting that the pandemic has not had as devastating impact as predicted at the begginging of the year. However, warned that the impact is likely to be felt at some point down the line.

A huge thank you to all the staff of the Park Regis Hotel who were amazing hosts and not only delivered great service but delivered above and beyond COVID19 guidelines to provide a safe event.