Back in 2004 Downtown Liverpool in Business mounted a campaign to stop the city council from adopting a ‘tall buildings policy’. In short, this would have imposed height restrictions on any developments taking place across the city centre.

The campaign was won. But now, encouraged by a heritage lobby that already uses the city’s ‘World Heritage Status’ as a stick to beat developers and investors, the council are reportedly considering revisiting this issue.

Downtown still believes that such a policy would stymy investment – and send potential investors to other locations in the UK.

Frank McKenna said:

“This proposition has to be seen as a potential threat to the city’s future regeneration and development. In my opinion, we already have an overly powerful heritage lobby in Liverpool. A tall buildings policy will simply encourage them to be even more militant in their objections to any aspirational project in the future.

“As the council’s new Chief Executive Tony Reeves recently pointed out, the quality of some of the developments in the city centre leave a lot to be desired. This is where the council and the heritage lobby should be focusing their attention. We could all get behind a planning structure that improved the quality of future building in the city.”