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All to play for

It was a great local election result for Labour, so why do doubts remain that the Tory dragon has still not been slain? Jim gives full analysis to all the North West results.


Do Labour deserve to run Liverpool?

Does Labour deserve to win the Liverpool elections? That’s the question Jim asks as the city prepares to go to the polls in a very significant all out election next week. After years of scandal and infighting can the Lib Dems and Independents score an unlikely victory?


Evidence of momentum

Jim gives a comprehensive preview of the big round of local elections coming up next month. He identifies the key contests in the North West and the prospects for the political parties 18 months from a General Election.


Resolving conflicts

We have been celebrating 25 years of relative peace in Ulster this week, Jim asks how that, and other major conflicts are finally going to be resolved. He also has concerns over Labour’s personal attack on the Prime Minister.


Labour’s Scottish opportunity

Jim feels Labour have a chance of regaining seats in Scotland because of the Scot Nats poor record on services for which their new leader must take some of the blame.He also reports on a major shake up in local government in Cumbria.


The bluster don’t work

Jim is not convinced by Boris Johnson’s Partygate evidence, but doesn’t rule out Tory MPs saving his career. He also asks if Republicans could undermine Ukraine’s war effort.


The Hunt is on

The highest taxes for generations and falling living standards, yet argues Jim in his latest blog, the Chancellor offered stability and some ground breaking measures for the North and Midlands in this week’s Budget.


Expect caution all round in budget

On the eve of the Budget Jim has been asking the Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, about her cautious approach to Labour spending plans. Meanwhile the Chancellor is more worried about his backbenchers calling for tax cuts now.


Stands Scotland where it did?

Jim quotes some Shakespeare this week as he analyses the race to succeed Nicola Sturgeon. “Stands Scotland where it did?” is a question in the play Macbeth. No is Jim’s answer as he looks at the successes and failures of the remarkable Scottish First Minister.


End the “Hunger Games”

A major Downtown conference last week was told there was a need for a major reform of the way the government is funding levelling up. Jim was in Birmingham and summaries the event. He also asks just how will did Labour actually do in recent North West by elections?


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